Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello Dear Skeletons.....

Look who's back from the dead.....

First things first, is dead at the moment. Who knew changing the border color in a layout would kill your whole blog. Word press is a tricky little thing.

I tried to make a whole new blog, and I was all sorts of confused on the "new" blogger...I even had to contact nova to figure out the header. Stupid me didn't see that I had "re size header" or whatever that is checked, woops. So here I am, back to my old beautiful blog, Dear Skeletons. I don't know how long I'll be here, but it sure feels good.

Let's play catch up now, shall we?

// A few weekends ago, I signed up for one of those online dating sites for their free weekend. It went pretty well, I had some dudes who wanted to talk to me, and I got two numbers, but only talked to one guy. At first, he was fun to talk to, we went back and forth talking for a few hours. The next day though, I wanted nothing to do with him. I knew he wasn't "it", I didn't feel anything, plus I got super annoyed when he kept emailing, facebookin, and texting me. So over it. I told him that it wasn't going to work out and he said ok and if I still wanted to talk, nope I don't dude. I'm very much ignoring him at the moment.

// Now I have this other dude who I like, not sure if he likes me. He is a little younger than me, but we pretty much like the same stuff so that's fun. I gave him my number and he didn't give me his though, but that's ok. I still talk to him on face book and may just go out and see him and try and feel it out~ in person. I am going to take a friend with me in case I want to get out of there asap. I think it's rather funny how I want the guys who do not want me, or act like that don't...and I don't want the guys who wants me. Something must be wrong with me, ey? I think I just really love the chase....

// Want to know what is super pointless? Shaving Cream. Yep, I said it, you are POINTLESS shaving cream! I got a new razor so I figured I would use it to help not nick myself. I put it all over my leg, shaved, totally cut myself. Shaved my other leg with no shaving cream, cut myself. I am better off shaving without the pointless shaving cream, it doesn't do anything but make my leg smell good.

That is all for now, I need to get back to making patterns for new hats...xo

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  1. And here I was, thinking about switching from Blogger to Wordpress. Now I'm scared, haha.