Friday, June 3, 2011

These late nights....

With the stars in the sky, the quiet air, the moon as your only light.
It's beautiful and haunting at the same time.
With the night, you feel your heart sinking, your breathe starting to slow and choke up, your mind is wondering why.
Why this is going on, nothing around is threatening...that's when it hits you.
You are alone.
You are your worst enemy, with a mind like that.
Always twitching, turning, bringing up the thoughts you tucked away back inside your mind.
You thought you tossed the key to those thoughts and memories, turns out you were wrong.
Panic attacks ensue.
Dizzy air wraps around your body like tree limbs, making sure you stay put.
There is no escape from yourself...
"One day" she sighs
"One day, someone will invent little switches to place on the backs of our necks with a little "on" and "off" switch, so we can turn our minds off and escape from ourselves"

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